Preferred Partner : Siemens

Siemens are a high-end choice and their ranges represent unrivaled quality and a sleek, minimalist design that often incorporated smart-features

Discover Siemens in our Glasgow Kitchen Showroom

Siemens is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of kitchen appliances. They are known for producing high-quality products that often incorporate innovative features and modern designs. We are a big fan of their hobs and have them on display in our Glasgow kitchen showroom!

You can get hands-on with Siemens in our Glasgow kitchen showroom, and our design team can integrate Siemens appliances into your 3D kitchen design so you can make sure they're a perfect fit for your kitchen renovation.

Our Favourite Siemens Ranges


Siemens have significant innovations in their hobs, like low profile InductionAir Plus functionality that can effortlessly vent steam and smoke out of your kitchen without needing a bulky extractor hood!

Coffee Machines

The ultimate luxury for a bespoke kitchen is a fully integrated coffee machine - ready to brew stunning coffee at a moment's notice. Siemens have innovative solutions like aromaSelect and auto clean that let you personalise your coffee to your tastes and reduce the maintenance needed to keep your coffee machine in peak condition.

Why Choose Siemens?

We recommend Siemens for higher-end projects where appliances are a key aesthetic element. Siemens is also a well-known brand in many markets, and its products have a history of being well-supported by its industry-leading warranties and customer support services. In our experience, they're a great choice for a modern-style kitchen that's in the market for minimalist, smooth looks and a modern feature set.

Found the perfect fit for your style?

Visit our Glasgow kitchen showroom and get hands on with Siemens!