Preferred Partner : Porcelanosa

Porcelonosa offer kitchen worktops that combine modern design methodology with unique, durable material combinations - making for some truly stunning worktops

Discover Porcelanosa in our Glasgow Kitchen Showroom

We love working with Porcelanosa worktops; they're a fantastic combination of luxury look and feel with durable construction. They are our recommended choice for all mid-to-high-end renovations, where having a stunning look is a key part of your aesthetic goals with your renovation.

You can get hands-on with Porcelanosa in our Glasgow kitchen showroom, and our design team can integrate Porcelanosa worktops into your 3D kitchen design so you can make sure they're a perfect fit for your kitchen renovation.

Our Favourite Porcelanosa Ranges


XTONE® sintered stone worktops offer resistance to abrasion and ultra-high temperatures and are also fireproof, waterproof, and easy to clean. Natural stone slabs from the Altissima Stone collection provide a stylish option that is practical and easy to maintain, with features like scratch and heat resistance, as well as ease of cleaning.


KRION® worktops are perfect for kitchens, thanks to their ability to withstand high and low temperatures, as well as wear and tear. Their smooth, non-porous texture and seamless design allow for easy integration of fittings and appliances. With a wide range of colours, thermal forming capabilities, recyclable composition, and antibacterial properties

Why Choose Porcelanosa?

We recommend Porcelanosa for all of our mid-to-high-end renovations! They are known for their durability, excellent maintainability and stain resistance, and the ease with which you can cut them to fit into non-conventional designs and spaces and still achieve a perfect finish.

Found the perfect fit for your style?

Visit our Glasgow kitchen showroom and get hands on with Porcelanosa! We have them on show so you can feel the luxury feel for yourself!