Preferred Partner : Moduleo

Moduleo create stunning flooring for that we strongly recommend for every kitchen renovation

Discover Moduleo in our Glasgow Kitchen Showroom

Moduleo is known for its luxury vinyl flooring products. They are our recommended flooring for all of our renovations, as their LeyRed series is durable, affordable, long-lasting, and relatively maintenance-free compared to a stone floor.

You can get hands-on with Moduleo in our Glasgow kitchen showroom, and our design team can integrate Moduleo flooring into your 3D kitchen design so you can make sure they're a perfect fit for your kitchen renovation.

Our Favourite Moduleo Ranges


LayRed is Moduleo's most robust engineered vinyl floor designed to stand its ground in extreme conditions. The multi-layered floor – with integrated underlay – offers all the advantages of vinyl and adds strength. Thanks to its strong core and integrated red underlay, LayRed can bridge openings and unevenness in existing floors. That makes LayRed the ideal floor solution for any renovation project!

Stone Aesthetic, Vinyl Durability

Even if you want a stone aesthetic, Modulo have an option for you! The LayRed tile range has stunning stone finishes that are combined with their innovative design to create something unique to your kitchen. Every LayRed tile floor is unique, with up to 10 different tiles per design. Thanks to intelligent cutting technology, there’s hardly any repetition of the same design pattern in a LayRed tile floor.

Why Choose Moduleo?

We recommend Moduleo for all of our kitchen renovations! They are known for their durability. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and everyday wear and tear, making it well-suited for a high-traffic area like a kitchen. We also love that they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional wood and stone floors! Moduleo's products often have protective layers that resist stains and are easy to wipe clean, which can be especially important in a kitchen where spills are frequent.

Found the perfect fit for your style?

Visit our Glasgow kitchen showroom and get hands on with Moduleo! We have a wide range of their LayRed samples in stock so you can find the perfect finish.