Preferred Partner : Hotpoint

Hotpoint present unrivaled value for money and a diverse range to co-ordinate your appliances throughout your new kitchen

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Whatever you need, Hotpoint has developed a product for you. They offer a range of products that consistently deliver outstanding performance with the latest intelligent technology and functional, stylish design. Not to mention doing it all at an affordable price point!

You can get hands-on with Hotpoint in our Glasgow kitchen showroom, and our design team can integrate Hotpoint appliances into your 3D kitchen design so you can make sure they're a perfect fit for your kitchen renovation.

Our Favourite Hotpoint Ranges


In our experience, Hotpoint dishwashers are often priced competitively, making them an attractive option for those looking for a budget-friendly appliance without compromising basic functionality. They've also got a fantastic reliability record with our customers, often having very few issues over their entire lifespan due to excellent design and quality parts used in their production.

Washing Machines

Our customers always point out that Hotpoint washing machines have straightforward controls and user-friendly features, making them easy to operate. We agree and often recommend Hotpoint when you don't need advanced features and need something reliable, cost-effective and up to the day-to-day household tasks.

Why Choose Hotpoint?

We always recommend Hotpoint for mid-range budgets and even higher-end projects where appliances aren't a key aesthetic element. Hotpoint is also a well-known brand in many markets, and its products have a history of being used in households around the world and are always supported well by its industry-leading warranties and customer support services.

Found the perfect fit for your style?

Visit our Glasgow kitchen showroom and get hands on with Hotpoint and learn why they're a great choice for every kitchen renovation!