Kitchen Worktops, Handles and Storage

Kitchen Storage

Efficient kitchen design revolves around the art of storage. The clever allocation of storage space not only streamlines daily tasks but also transforms your space into something truly unique and personal to you. Kitchen storage doesn’t need to just be practical. Utilize open shelves to display your curated collection of exotic spices, artisanal cookware, or vibrant ceramics, adding an artistic flair that's uniquely yours. Our stunning collection of Kitchen Storage from Masterclass Kitchens will not only help you manage your space much better, but they’ll also be features of the room that will continue to impress you and your guests for years to come.

Kitchen Worktops

Make your kitchen more dynamic with our high-quality, bespoke worktops available in a selection of life like stone and wood finishes. Our worktops offer superb value as the money saved on our laminate worktops will enable you to spend more in other areas. Our worktops are not just worktops; you can use them as open shelving, splashbacks, upstands, and gables, enabling you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Handles

Kitchen handles are the finishing touch to your kitchen. Our selection has been carefullu created to complement your kitchen’s design and bring the whole room together. Our kitchen handles are available in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes; offering something for everyone.

Edge pull handles

Edge pull handles are a sleek, functional alternative to handle less kitchens. Edge pull handles sit stylishly above modern kitchen doors for a truly minimalistic look.

Knob Handles

Knob Handles are classic, adaptable, and work with most kitchen styles. We offer a selection of modern and classically styled knob handles – offering something for everyone.

T bar handles

T bar handles are ideal for bringing a modern design element to a classic kitchen without looking out of place.

Cup Handles

Our stunning range of cup handles are available in a wide selection of metallic and matt black finishes. Thanks to the curved structure of cup handles, they are ideal for traditional kitchens where you are creating an elegant look.

D Handles

Looking for something practical and versatile? Our D handles are the perfect solution and are available in a variety of stunning finishes. Their sleek design makes them perfect in modern kitchens.

Knurled handles

Our knurled handles have a texture finish for extra traction and grip. Available in several finishes that radiate luxury as well as functionality.

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